Drawn to Youth comitee

Passionate about building a foundation for Drawn To Develop to strengthen its positive impact, as well as a platform for new projects to take shape, I have recently founded Drawn To Youth (March, 2011).

A Canadian non-for-profit organization, Drawn To Youth aims to generate positive social change through artistic projects that engage youth and artists, deepen our collective social consciousness, and connect audiences to pressing issues affecting youth in Canada and around the world.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Drawn To Youth Board Chair, Liz Kohn and Drawn To Youth Treasurer, Sean Evans who believe in the positive potential of Drawn To Youth and demonstrate that belief through the good energy, time and professional expertise that they contribute.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to the following group of outstanding experts for their encouragement, guidance and support: Carolyn Taylor, Kendra Reddy, James Powell, Lindsay Hillcoat, Ali Ranehma, Andrew Davies, Phillip Haid, Paul Estey, Adrian Bradbury and Walter Ross.

Looking forward to sharing more on Drawn To Youth soon!

Very best,

Jo Cutajar
Executive Director & Founder – Drawn To Youth

email: jo@drawntodevelop.com
twitter: @jocutajar

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